10,000 Young Australians Off Welfare And Into Work

10,000 Young Australians Off Welfare And Into Work

OCTOBER 9, 2017: In just over nine months, 10,000 young people across Australia who were previously reliant on taxpayer-funded welfare are now in gainful employment thanks to the Youth Jobs PaTH program.

This great result has been achieved through the Youth Bonus Wage subsidy component of the Youth Jobs PaTH program.

And we’ve seen real results under the program in the electorate of Dawson, with 154 young people transitioning from welfare to work since the beginning of the year.


We believe that the best form of welfare is a job.

Breaking the cycle of welfare dependency by securing gainful employment has a profound effect on the individual, their family, the local economy and the community.


Employers play their part by receiving a Youth Bonus Wage Subsidy, under the ‘Hire’ element of the Youth Jobs PaTH program, if they employ a young person who has been unemployed for six months or more. Reforms to the subsidy were part of the Youth Jobs PaTH program announced in last year’s Budget and commenced on 1 January 2017.

In addition to the 10,000 young people hired through a Youth Bonus Wage Subsidy, the other elements of the PaTH program are also performing well. Across Australia, more than 9,300 young people have begun Employability Skills Training courses and more than 2,100 internships have commenced.

The very positive results to date clearly show that young people are willing to put their hand up and have a go with the right support.

Every policy lever the government has at its disposal is being utilised to promote growth, encourage investment, stimulate job creation and support businesses.

To find out more about Youth Jobs PaTH visit www.employment.gov.au/youth-jobs-path

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