Green groups with deep pockets

3 JUNE 2017: Would you believe that the activist group at the heart of much of the attack against the Adani Carmichael Coal Project - GetUp! - paid out $4.6 million to their staff last year? That's effectively $4.6 million going into the pockets of inner city green zealots who want to ensure that no money goes into the pockets of workers in this region who are desperate for jobs.

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Banks warned: Anti coal capitulation will cost

If banks are going to take actions to discriminate against businesses undertaking legitimate activities, I will take action too. To start with, I'll be pushing for the LNP and the National Party to shut down their accounts with Westpac and go to a bank that does support jobs in regional Queensland because of the stance they have taken against the Adani Carmichael Coal Project. I have been informed that the Mackay Conservation Group is planning to grandstand about their ‘huge win’ outside the Westpac bank in Mackay on Monday, and then head to CommBank to put pressure on them to abandon support for Adani. People have a right to protest against government decisions, but they are really treading close to the edge when they protest against a legitimate business activity, which is a bank financing another company to conduct a completely legal activity. For the banks to acquiesce to these green thugs is unbelievable.

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NQ jobs, cheaper power a step closer

2 FEBRUARY 2017: New jobs and lower power prices could come to North Queensland as momentum builds for a low-emissions coal-fired power generator in the North. My call for a clean coal generator in North Queensland has received a boost with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull supporting the technology and emphasising the need for affordable and reliable electricity.

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