Cyclone Debbie insurance response just not good enough

Cyclone Debbie insurance response just not good enough

SEPTEMBER 28, 2017: IT has been six months today since Tropical Cyclone Debbie caused widespread destruction in our region and Federal Member for the response from insurance companies has been far from satisfactory.

I will be taking up my concerns with both the Insurance Council of Australia and the Federal Minister for Revenue and Financial Services and I want to hear from anyone who still has unresolved issues.

The reality for many in the region and particularly in Proserpine, the Whitsundays and Bowen, is that we are heading into another cyclone season and there are houses and businesses that are still exposed to the elements.

While some people have had good experiences and had their claims settled quickly and efficiently, my office has had numerous complaints about the whole process.

And let’s remember this is at a time when people are stretched to the limit.

Some people are still struggling to get an agreed Scope of Works.

Others are being offered cash settlements at less than 50 per cent of their Scope of Works. And there is a definite disincentive for people who want to engage their own builder.

We are also hearing from others with outstanding claims who are now being told their policies will not be renewed.

This is just not good enough.

If you are being screwed around by insurance companies and assessors over your claim I want to know about it.

We all understand some things take time, but we are now six months down the road with another cyclone season approaching and insurance companies need to lift their game in responding both quickly and fairly.

Call 4944 0662 or email with details.

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