Labor plan a threat to farmers’ livelihoods

AS if farmers don't have enough to deal with when it comes to tree clearing laws, we now have Federal Labor pollies from city seats announcing fancy plans to introduce more ‘green police’. Bill Shorten has announced a plan to overrule state tree clearing policies, and send in Federal 'green police to tell farmers what they can and can't do on their own land. So we would have jumped-up federal bureaucrats flashing badges, stopping landholders from doing the work needed to run a normal farming enterprise. Only city slickers like Bill Shorten would come up with such a restrictive and blatantly unfair policy.

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Labor plan for another carbon tax whack

Labor’s announcement today that they would essentially bring back a carbon tax if elected beggars belief. The Opposition’s climate plan also includes an option for them to further restrict farmers’ ability to clear their own land. Labor’s fearless leader Bill Shorten will go blindly where Labor leaders before him have gone, and that’s down the path of introducing a carbon tax which will cost jobs and drive up power prices. Shorten has announced that a Labor Government will introduce an emissions reduction target of 45 per cent by 2030, so this would essentially double Australia’s emissions reduction targets.

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New NQ state could be best in country

THE idea of a separate state for North Queensland should be determined by a referendum of North Queenslanders only, and I will write to all MPs, senators and mayors who represent areas above the Tropic of Capricorn to invite them to be part of a concerted push for such a move. This issue has been talked about for too long and what we really need now is some action. The people of the north deserve a fair hearing on this, and a group of influential state, federal and local government leaders would be well placed to push for a referendum on the formation of a new state of North Queensland.

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