Traffic flows with ease at the Annandale intersection

Traffic flows with ease at the Annandale intersection

JULY 18, 2017: Townsville motorists now have a safer and more streamlined road network with the newly improved William Angliss/Mervyn Crossman Drive intersection now reopened to traffic.

This is one of the city’s busiest intersections with 17,500 vehicles travelling between Stuart Drive and Mervyn Crossman Drive each day. Improving the traffic flow here means greater safety and less frustration for all drivers.

By widening sections of this road to four lanes we have significantly reduced traffic congestion and bottlenecks around this intersection. This is great news for commuters and even better news for freight operators moving goods within the region.

The $3.6 million project in Annandale was fully funded by the Australian Government under the Roads to Recovery Programme.


$4.4 billion through to 2020-21 has been committed under this programme to ensure our road network is in the best state possible.

Works also including installation of traffic lights, a pedestrian crossing and raising the road height on the roundabout to mitigate against instances of flooding. The addition of a pedestrian crossing will improve local amenity and safety, while the road upgrades will improve driving conditions for motorists.

For further information regarding the Roads to Recovery Programme visit

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